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What is "WWDNT - Wir woll´n doch nur tanzen!" ?

WWDNT (in english "We just want to dance!) is a evolving dance music project in the german city Wiesbaden. Together with a friend I have started this project in March 2018. The primary goal is to have a local techno base for local artists and us, playing on regular base in clubs in Wiesbaden and the greater area. The secondary goal is to get this done preferably without booking of big headliners. We see ourselves as part of the dancing people because we know, where we are coming from - from the dancefloor.

We have done since 01st of June 2018 three successful events in Wiesbaden. We had great feedback and the support is growing. Come around and have a look and feel like home. For us, the music is in the foreground and not who plays it.

This is our WWDNT presstext

"2am in the morning! Since 2 hours I´m trying desperately to see the DJ - just to catch a glimpse! I still do not know who is playing. The music is cool and everyone is celebrating it - but who´s playing???

New try. Again I try to squeeze through the party people and again my attempt fails. No getting through! I look around and see a raver with a big smile in his face and dancing like hell"Well", I think, "he looks like he knows whos playing!". I head straight for him and touch him. He pauses and looks at me questioningly. I say, "It´s a shame! You can not catch a glimpse of the DJ. The music is cool, but can you tell me who's playing?" He laughs, starts to rock again and nods his head. Before he finally starts dancing again, he pulls up his arms and yells at me: "It does not matter, Dude: I just want to dance!"

Please have a look at my Instagram profile for WWDNT or follow the hashtag #WWDNT for more pictures! Soon or later WWDNT will have for sure it´s own Instagram account!

© 2018 by Giuseppe Scalzo